this space is currently under extremely heavy work by the EXTRANICE COLLECTIVE.
Q: WTF is going on here??
A: this will soon be the home of the esotericnet/Lesser Known Net project.
Q: WTF is that???
A: the LKN project is a project by a collective of fellows (extranice) to index odd, unkown, artistic, and weird spaces of the internet... you'll get what we mean by this once the website launches.
Q: is this an archive???
A: no. imagine it as a ghetto-wiki.
Q: WTF?? why???
A: we want to make this website barebones for easy archival by anyone who wants to do so.
Q: who the F are you people???
A: we are the extranice collective
Q: WTF??? whats that???
A: the world may never know